Advantages of ENATM

Approved Safety with ENATM

ENATM contains a wide range of nutritional ingredients whose sole purpose is to attract micro-organisms in vast numbers to the discarded plastic items. These bacteria then excrete digestive enzymes and acids that decompose the polymer.
All ingredients are completely harmless to humans and the environment.
ENATM is safe for people, and for the environment. It is composed entirely of materials approved for food contact in the United States.
Each and every item can be found on the GRAS list of ingredients that may be added to food packaging during plastic production. (EU list grade coming soon)
The consequence of this is that a certificate of conformity for food safety under US law and for food contact safety can be issued by the manufacturer of ENATM to all plastics producers worldwide.

Problem of plastic
made from food(PLA plastic)

ENATM Advantage